Corporate Solutions

Corporate Solutions

Corporate SolutionsLooking for the right corporate solution? Partner with Compass Reporting Group and we’ll help you navigate the unpredictable waters of litigation so you can dominate every deposition.

Our dedicated project managers work closely with your team, stretching your resources by handling all the deposition logistics for your entire case from day one of discovery to the last day of the trial. We’ll help you develop a custom plan using time-saving technology to improve processes and provide uniform results.

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Rely on your dedicated project managers to:

  • Serve as your single point of contact — From booking to billing, your project management team is a single channel for all deposition inquiries and your direct link to top professionals nationwide, including court reporters, videographers, translators, onsite support and post-production specialists.
  • Offer case consultation — At the inception of your case, we’ll work with you to assess your technological needs, develop a scheduling protocol and formulate a custom plan to help you best utilize and manage your deposition discovery budget.
  • Provide full-service concierge-style litigation support — Gain peace of mind knowing your project management team is an extension of your team, always goes the extra mile and handles the logistics for any case including scheduling depositions, screening and hiring reporters, videographers and translators, technology testing, securing suitable conference rooms, ensuring facilities are properly equipped, arranging transportation and making hotel recommendations.
  • Give status reports — each deposition is tracked from the time it’s booked until the final product is delivered, providing periodic progress reports along the way that may include costs to date, media inventory or exhibit lists.
  • Prepare consistent deliverables — we work closely with the post-production team to ensure every file is linked, synched and properly formatted to your specifications.