New Advancements in Court Reporter Software

There have been a few developments over the past months in the way that court reporters do their jobs. With that advent of digital court reporting as well as other alternatives to stenographic court reporting, traditional reporters (or more specifically, their software vendors) have stepped up their game.

In the new version of CaseCatalyst, a popular stenographic computer-aided transcription program, a new feature called RealTeam has been added.  RealTeam is a major step in getting the court reporter’s transcript, steno notes, and audio to proofreaders and scopists in real time.

What does that mean for lawyers? Hypothetically, it could mean faster transcript turnaround times.

With RealTeam, multiple scopists and proofreaders can access and edit the same file at the same time, reducing the time it takes to transfer large audio files between people and keeping track of versions of a transcript. With a little advanced notice, scopists and proofers can be standing by awaiting the reporter’s feed.  Theoretically, they would be able to read, edit, and submit the final file within hours or minutes of a proceeding being concluded.

Is this a new idea? Kind of. A company called VIQ has been developing software for the digital court reporting space for a while now.  The idea is similar, stream audio to multiple transcriptionists and simply “mend the seams” of the transcript when it’s stitched back together.

In the case of VIQ, no stenographic court reporter is present, and it’s simply the audio that’s sent out in chunks, however, the end result is the same – a simple way to rope in dispersed teams that come together to create a transcript.

All-in-all, the fact that software vendors and service providers are teaming up to think of smarter and more efficient ways of producing transcripts is welcomed in an industry plagued by underserved regions and a nationwide shortage of qualified court reporters.

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