Language Services

According to the Linguistic Society of America, there are approximately 7,000 distinct languages in the world. Xhosa in South Africa, Silbo Gomero in the Canary Islands and the intergalactic language Klingon, just to name a few. With language services from Compass Reporting Group, communicate in any language with confidence.

  • Certified translators available in virtually any language, from ASL to one of the 7,000 spoken languages in the world
  • In-person or via remote conferencing
  • Transcription of audio and video files
  • Certified document translation for all legal and business documents
  • Rush delivery and same-day service available


Our interpreters are properly certified and screened for each deposition, trained in the nuances of special terminology. With our vast network of reliable interpreters, we can provide interpreters for the exact language and dialect you need. Of equal importance, our interpreters understand the importance of providing a word-for-word translation of what a deponent says. Interpreters are available in-person or via remote conferencing depending on the requirements of the situation.

Document Translation

Compass Reporting group also offers specialized legal document translation, from contracts to litigation materials, we provide accurate translations with fast turnarounds. Just like our court reporters, we select the right language specialist with subject expertise for your specific project, be it a legal document, business contract or personal certificates.